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January 9
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Canon PowerShot SX120 IS
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Jan 9, 2014, 4:58:34 PM
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Sorry, Mario. by MagicRat Sorry, Mario. by MagicRat

"Sorry, Mario, your Princess is in another apartment." So here is the source of all the fuss and goodwill - Princess. We finally caught her, which means we can now get her to the vet. She doesn't look too bad in this photo but it's misleading. She's a VERY tiny cat to start with and little more than bones underneath the fur. She's clearly very sore and VERY hungry. She's been fed, given some water, and is now sitting by the door hoping to be let out.

Fat chance, skinny kitty.

So now to book the vet and get her taken care of, as well as dealing with the magic of teaching three kitties to get along. I suspect there shall be much hissing and growling this eve. ETA: She's growling at her own reflection in the mirror...

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Phoneix-Faerie Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
good luck with her! She looks lovely, i hope she feels better (and is quieter) soon
Update soon hon.
Awwww! What a pretty kitty!
At least you always know where she is. XDDD
Wonder if I can get a volume control installed?
riverotter7 Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Please give Her Royal Highness our best wishes and all of my Children of Bast send their Love in return. Yes, if you take her to the vet, there will be a great deal of hissing spitting and dominance fighting one again. May I suggest the carrying of a squirt-bottle of your belt-loops as if you were a gunslinger? All I have to do is just shake mine now and Cats disappear like magic, all five of them.
Sasha would just shut his eyes as his double coat never let him get wet -- my Darling Imperial Majesty -- and then hop up on my lap to meep Mom into letting him drink out of the squirt-bottle.
I say go for the Squirt bottle and you 'll still have something to  mist your plants with!

Again,We all here hope that Princess is fine but if you need a few stories for more shekels; just let us know!
I will, Mama Otter. But can you please ask Bast if she knows how to make this little princess shut the heck up? Good GRIEF I never had such a chatty kitty!
riverotter7 Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
There are some Cats that are just talkers. Sasha was that way and so was Temujin. The best thing to do is talk back to her right now. She's probably very scared and needs the reassurance, especially if the other Children are picking on her. Every now and then Hime and Cookie will fight for dominance, or Cookie and Yoshi will tag-team Hime and then the squirt bottle comes out....but I've always talked to the Children of Bast, both outside and Inside.
Right now I have my little Cat-House (giggle) perched on top of the wood-pile, where the neighbor's damned bulldog can't get at it; and I fill the bowl every evening with high protein kibble. They also get the dinner scraps and the bacon grease which I used to use for frying other things. I've just switched back to olive oil and butter, which the Outside Children of Bast also get.
As for Princess, just talk to her. She probably just wants to hear your voice or is on the deaf side and can't find you. Erik get's lost and I know that "mow". I just call to him and he's happy as a clam. -- and Erik is only 5.
Bless his kitty heart.
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